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String Mastery Instruction

Welcome to Stringwizards, the home of videos and materials to help players go from good to awesome! We have 3 demos below and on other pages give more information about the people involved in the productions. Please feel free to contact us with your questions.

Secrets of String Success

Art of Vibrato


Filmed at the University of Texas at Austin, Secrets of String Success takes students through a complete program of string instruction. This demo is just a small part of the whole program. Click here to ORDER NOW.

Filmed at the University of Maryland at College Park, Art of Vibrato is a sprited 1 hour video showing numerous exercises for learning how to make a clear, crisp vibrato. Now with Korean subtitles! Click here to ORDER NOW.

10aDay is perfect for the very beginner trying to learn the basics of holding the bow and other concepts that sometimes are difficult for newcomers to the instrument. Instructors from several Universities. Click here to ORDER NOW.